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bespoke conveyors

Bespoke & Custom Conveyors

Our in house design team and experienced engineers have designed and manufactured bespoke conveyor systems for the food industry applications for over thirty years

Bi directional conveyor designed and manufactured by Wrightfiled

Bi Directional Conveyor

For conveyor belt applications that require bi-directional operation Wrightfield offers a wide range options. Adjacent lanes on the conveyor surface run in opposite directions while still being driven off the same line shaft

Decline Belt Conveyors

A decline belt conveyor is used when products must be transported downwards. To suit the product being conveyed Wrightfield declined belt conveyors can be designed with varying flight heights and pitches along with either PU or plastic modular belting

belt conveyor main

Flat Belt Conveyors

Flat Belt conveyors are available in Lightweight, Heavy duty, Stainless Steel Food quality construction with PVC, Rubber or PU belts.

Elevators-De-Elevators Wrightfield

Inclined Belt Conveyors

An incline belt conveyor is used when products must be transported upwards. To suit the product being conveyed Wrightfield inclined belt conveyors can be designed with varying flight heights and pitches along with either PU or plastic modular belting

Multilane & Merge

Merge conveyors merges multiple lanes to a single conveyor lane without multiple servos.

Diverge conveyors go from a single lane to multiple lanes ( this can be achieved in both horizontal and vertical orientation)

Pallet conveyor with pallets Wrightfield

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors improve the efficiency of processes that involved the receipt, handling and dispatch of pallets. … Every pallet conveyor system can be integrated with other onsite equipment, feeding to and from palletisers, pallet lifts, pallet weigh stations, wrappers, hooders and strappers

Radius Conveyors

Wrightfield radius and s-conveyors are designed to change the direction of products without changing their orientation on the processing line. Available as a standalone conveyor or as part of a complete conveying system. Wrightfield custom designed and built radius conveyors provide a high-performance,  solution to changing the processing line’s direction.

Roller Conveyors

Wrightfield have manufactured roller conveyors in a wide range of formats for many different uses including transporting trays, crates, pallets, plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic totes and poly-bags

Shuttle Conveyor

These units are suitable for transferring product from a much wider belt to a narrow-size belt and vice versa, this can be dependent on the specified shuttle stroke. Shuttle conveyors typically come with a variable-speed electric motor drive as standard though other drive options are available

Spiral Conveyors Wrightfield

Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors are an effective way to transport products, items, or boxes between floors. They are sometimes called corkscrew conveyors or vertical conveyors as they use a conveyor belt to take the items up and down between levels. Spiral conveyors offer two key advantages

transfer conveyor wrightfield conveyor systems

Transfer Conveyors

The Wrightfield transfer conveyor is designed for the transference of products/materials to other belt systems. Each conveyor is designed specifically for the customer’s purposes with only the finest quality components and materials used in the manufacture. We design with hygiene being a top priority at each stage of production

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