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Crumbing & Coating – The Symotab Combo Coater

At Wrightfield, we design and manufacture a range of high-quality, tailored food processing solutions. Additionally, we offer a number of solutions manufactured by trusted external partners, including the Combo Coater from Symotab. We discuss this particular crumbing & coating solution in further detail in the following post.


The Crumb Coater from Symotab is an extremely efficient machine that can carry out multiple functions to help a company to reduce downtime and optimise productivity.

The crumbing & coating solution is able to pre-dust and apply breadcrumbs to a product. The machine can also function as a flatbed and drumbreader.

The use of a single machine for pre-dusting and bread-crumbing is a factor that can help to reduce changeovers, idle time, cleaning costs and floor space.

Key Characteristics

  • Extra wide pre-dusting curtain: this helps to provide optimal overall coverage.
  • Pre-dust with drum: this ensures that products are spread evenly over the width of the belt, helping to achieve even coverage.
  • Delicate handling of crumb inside the machine: breadcrumbs are lifted with scoops, eliminating the grinding used by traditional screw-type crumb transporters.
  • Roller and vibrating plate: this optional extra can help to maximise breadcrumb coverage of a product.

Naturally Hygienic

These highly-functional machines are designed with cleanliness in mind. The solutions feature a number of hygienic features such as an easy-to-clean openable curtain belt drive and encased drum sweeper arm drive shaft, which helps to eliminate contamination.


At Wrightfield, we are able to tailor this crumbing & coating solution to your needs, with a range of belt sizes available. We also offer a 24 month guarantee on manufacturing and assembly faults. Please get in touch to request a demo.

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