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Metal Staircases – Helping You, Step by Step

A staircase is not just a functional piece of equipment to get you from one floor to another. Here at Wrightfield, as well as regularly completing complex steel work commissions, we design and build a broad spectrum of metal staircases, allowing for a pleasing aesthetic while not compromising on functionality.


The beauty of a metal staircase is its strong and durable nature, meaning that it is reliable and functional even with a large amount of traffic or footfall. Wrightfield also offers a number of balustrade options as well as metal hand rails, this allows for a safer set of stairs. As a large company that completes a variety of different tasks, for a variety of clients, we are able to work closely with construction companies, architects and property developers to bring you the highest quality and safest product. We will also advise on building regulations regarding the installation of balustrades and metal staircases.


When designing and manufacturing any product, aesthetics are an important factor, a metal staircases can enhance your property inside or out.

Here at Wrightfield we take design seriously and our core philosophy of Better by Design means that we know details and finishing touches can make the greatest difference to the success of any project.

When approached in the correct way, metal’s versatile nature has the ability to create an impact, as well as long lasting and attractive. We have an experienced design team and work with the latest 3D modelling software allowing for the best results to be achieved.

Fire Escapes

One of the types of steel staircases we design are fire escapes, essential to any commercial or industrial building. Wrightfield works closely with its customers to ensure that the fire escape we manufacture for you is designed to be fit for purpose and that is complies with the relevant building regulations. Above all, we will ensure that is provide a safe and secure solution to your requirements.

Our range of fire escape designs span from single flight domestic fire escapes, through to multi floored staircase structures, all of which are designed and manufactured in our Suffolk factory.

Metal Staircases – Find Out More

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more information about metal staircases, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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