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EN 1090 steel fabrication building

Steel Fabrication – Experienced, Respected Experts

Wrightfield is an experienced steel fabrication company. We work with both UK based clients and international companies, across a range of different industries and sectors, providing them with tailored products and solutions. Read on for more information.
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architectural staircases

Architectural Staircases – Functional, Elegant Solutions

Architectural staircases are functional solutions that can help to connect floors of different levels in an elegant way. As an EN 1090 company, specialising in the manufacturing and design of complex steel work, we are in a great position to provide superior quality and well-designed architectural staircases.
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Steel Staircases and balustrades Wrightfield Ltd

Steel Staircases – The Stairway to Heaven

At Wrightfield our aptitude in stainless steel design and manufacture, have resulted in us being involved in a number of sectors outside of the food industry. Wrightfield regularly completes complex architectural steel work commissions and steel staircases are one of the main branches of our Structural EN 1090 sector.
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weed screens

Weed Screens – Bespoke Designs Tailored to You Needs

At Wrightfield, we provide weed screens manufactured to your exact specifications. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of gratings and safety grilles. Our range of bespoke products includes pipe mounted gratings; cage, cranked and sloped trash screens; and raked trash screens.
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fork lift goal post

Fork Lift Goal Post – The First Line of Defence

A fork lift goal post is a type of post that can help to protect a premises and objects within from damage from fork lifts and other vehicular machinery. At Wrightfield, we provide a comprehensive range of fork lift goal posts, as we discuss in the following post – read on for more information.
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secondary steelwork

Secondary Steelwork – First Class Engineering Services

Secondary steelwork are those parts of a construction that do not include the primary columns, rafters and bracing. This, for example, can include side rails and purlins. At Wrightfield we manufacture a comprehensive range of secondary steelwork solutions. We discuss this topic further in the following post – read on for more information.
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Balustrades Stainless Steel Balustrade

Glass Balustrade – See the Light

A glass balustrade can offer a sophisticated safety solution that seals areas where falling may otherwise be a potential health and safety hazard. In this post we discuss the merits of balustrades made from glass, read on for more information.
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metal balustrades

Metal Balustrades – Specialists in Bespoke Solutions

A metal balustrade can help to offer protection in areas where falling would otherwise be a potential hazard. The metal structures may be fitted to stairs, mezzanines and platforms. Wrightfield provides a range of metal balustrades, each one individually tailored to meet the needs of a client. We discuss more about this very topic in the following post.
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