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Trash Screens – Separating the Wheat from the Trash

Wrightfield is a diverse and multifaceted company that manufactures and designs a number of different products, including trash screen. Our background in the steel sector allows us to be successful in such a wide variety of fields, this also to gives our customers confidence in our ability to supply an assortment of diverse products, designed to their specifications and needs.

Trash Screens

Trash screens are essential to water management, allowing water to flow through culverts and pumping stations, while protecting valuable equipment from floating detritus.

Here at Wrightfield we manufacture a diverse trash screen range, providing a broad spectrum of choices, giving a range of options tailored to your needs.

All our gratings and rubbish screens are available in stainless steel or galvanised steel, meaning that when used in waterways containing large amounts of floating debris and weeds, our steel screens can be relied upon to be a stalwart barrier to prevent any damage that might be caused.


Due to the fact that we design and build a number of different types of trash screens, this gives customers more opportunity to select a trash screen suitable for their requirements.

Examples of trash screens manufactured here at Wrightfield include: sloped trash screen at 45 or 60 degrees, we can also provide sides for more protection. We also offer a larger cage trash screen range with accompanying catwalks; other products include circular pipe mounted gratings which are suitable for pipes or other circular fluid conveyors. Wrightfield rubbish screens and gratings can be pre-fitted or supplied as standalone items.

As a company committed to customer satisfaction and designing the best possible product, we can provide a properly specified and designed screen such as bespoke gratings and trash screens; cranked, sloped and lockable whichever is suitable for you.

Trash Screens – Find Out More

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more information about trash screens, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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