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Vegetable Conveyors

Vegetable Conveyors for the food processing sector

Wrightfield vegetable conveyors are designed and manufactured to provide many years of everyday use service. Wrightfield work closely with food and vegetable processing sites and manufacture a range of vegetable conveyors specifically designed to offer gentle and precise handling of a wide range of bulbs and vegetable.

At our Suffolk based manufacturing facility we fabricate conveyors for transporting brussel sprouts, carrots, potato’s, onions, carrot’s and more. Our conveyor equipment provides efficient conveying of vegetable trays, boxes and packs, boxes. Importantly these can be designed and manufactured to your specific vegetable grading requirements.

Stand alone or Integrated Vegetable Conveyors

Wrightfield design and manufacture fruit and vegetable conveyor equipment in two formats. These include manufacturing single unit, stand-alone conveyors, or those that are required to be integrated with specialist, new or existing handling lines and equipment.

Within the high efficiency world of food production, Wrightfield design conveyor systems and food processing equipment with minimal maintenance in mind. As conveyor systems manufacturers Wrightfield predominantly manufacture stainless steel conveyors to meet food hygiene requirements, though we also manufacture conveyors in mild steel.

Whatever size you need

With Wrightfield conveyors there is no such thing as standard. We design and manufacture in a wide range of widths and lengths to suit all handling applications. This is particularly useful when you need a conveyor to fit within an existing factory environment where processing equipment needs to remain in place.

Light, Medium or Heavy Duty Vegetable Conveyors

Vegetable conveyors are available in a range of formats dependent on whats being processed and the volume throughput’s required. Conveyor system options include spiral conveyorstransfer conveyorselevators and deelevatorsmutli lane and merge , shuttle conveyors and more. As conveyor systems manufacturers our vegetable conveyors we can also be integrate into complete vegetable grading machine lines achieving throughput and efficiency improvements.

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