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Wrightfield Conveyor Systems, Conveyor Line Layout, Design, Manufacture & Installation, Food Processing Equipment, Engineering, Structural & EN1090, Servicing & Spares


Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility is the centre for our in house design, project planning and manufacturing activities. Our design team use the latest 3d modelling software to create equipment conveyor system designs and our UK manufacturing facility boasts some of the highest specification machinery available.

Combining this with our wealth of experience in the food industry, ensures our clients receive the highest levels of service and quality at all stages from design, installation and commissioning throughout the UK & Ireland.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Wrightfield are a specialist engineering company with over thirty years experience within the food manufacturing and processing industry. Our primary focus and expertise is in the design, manufacture and installation of food conveyor systems and solutions.

Sub Contracting Steel Fabrication & Precision CNC Machining, Structural & EN1090

Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility is the centre for our in subcontracting activities. Wrightfield’s capabilities in stainless steel design and manufacture and process and control have resulted them in being involved in a number of sectors outside of the food industry.

With an experienced workforce, extensive modern facilities and production capacity, Wrightfield is ideally placed for sub con work

Meat Processing, Dicers & Slicers and Coating / Crumbing

We design and deliver complete bespoke line solutions, where we custom design and manufacture to suit your exact requirements. Wrightfield design and manufacture conveyors, conveyor systems, conveyor belt systems food processing machinery, meat processing equipment and conveyors for poultry, meat , turkey and vegetables. See Wrightfield food equipment in action

Conveyor Systems Layout & Design

Our design team use the latest 3d modelling software to create system designs, including structural calculations where required and our manufacturing facility boasts some of the highest specification machinery available in the UK. As conveyor manufacturers, our capabilities are extensive.

Conveyor Servicing & Spares

Wrightfield conveyor systems servicing packages include breakdown cover, preventative maintenance, planned maintenance, critical staff cover and service contracts.

Key conveyor spares are held in stock and include SEW gearmotors and the full range of Intralox belts. Wrightfield also manufacture bespoke conveyor parts where required.

Wrightfield Latest News & Information

Modular Belt Conveyor Systems FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions on Modular Belt Conveyor Systems 1. Can modular belt conveyors be run on an incline? This depend on your product but usually up to 45 degrees can be achieved without flights. Inclines grater than 45 degrees would need to be fitted with rubber flights. 2. Can the belt be replaced? Replacing the…

Vegetable Conveyors

Vegetable Conveyors for the food processing sector Wrightfield vegetable conveyors are designed and manufactured to provide many years of everyday use service. Wrightfield work closely with food and vegetable processing sites and manufacture a range of vegetable conveyors specifically designed to offer gentle and precise handling of a wide range of bulbs and vegetable. At…

Conveyor Systems Types, Specifications and Selection

Conveyor Types Conveyor Systems are mechanical devices or assemblies that transport materials, components, products or food with minimal effort. Whilst there are a numerous different kinds of conveyor systems, they usually follow a standard configuration. A frame that supports either rollers, wheels, or a belt, upon which materials are transported from one place to another. Movement…

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