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Conveyor Belts – What to Look for When Selecting a Belt

In the food processing industry, conveyor belts are of the utmost importance. Indeed, companies in the sector quite literally run on them. Here, we take a look at what to look for when selecting a belt, as well as providing information on the selection of belts manufactured by Wrightfield.

Reliability Is King

When it comes to conveyor belts, reliability is king; after all, unplanned downtime can have serious consequences. A conveyor belt should offer at least some versatility, with enough robustness to handle a range of products of varying size and weight.

It can also be very beneficial for a conveyor belt to be resistant to liquids like water, oil and grease, many of which are found in the food processing industry. Any conveyance solution should also be resistant to industrial strength cleaning products, this will help to ensure that the high levels of hygiene required when processing food can be maintained.

Wrightfield Belts

There is a comprehensive range of conveyor belt types available from Wrightfield. Many of the belts that we offer can be manufactured to the specifications required by a client, such as bespoke lengths and widths.

Modular Belt

Made from FDA approved materials, the modular belt is a conveyance solution that is very well suited to the food processing industry. The belt is very flexible and able to convey products through inclined, helical and horizontal paths.

PU Belt

The versatile PU belt (also known as the polyurethane belt) is designed with durability and robustness in mind. Resistant to the highly abrasive cleaning products often used in the food processing industry, this belt provides plenty in the way of hygiene.

Slat Belt

With an innovative hinge design, the slat belt is easily able to handle complex loops and tight corners; ideal if a facility is a little short on space. The belt is generally used to convey smaller, lighter duty items.

Conveyor Belts – Find Out More

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